Professor Brian Cox on physics, the Beatles and marmite at the University of Surrey

Professor Brian Cox’s visit to the University of Surrey for a Q and A on Wednesday (May 25) certainly inspired an eclectic range of questions from the packed auditorium – between ones on marmite, the number of stars in the universe, and of course the Beatles vs the Stones, it looks like all bases were covered.

Before the event got underway, I chatted with both Cox and fellow TV presenter, and host of the evening, Professor Jim Al-Khalili, when they mused on scientific conundrums they would like the world to unravel in the next 50 years, and what films they’d most like to have worked as a science advisor on.

Watch the video interview above, which we shot for the Surrey Advertiser’s website, Get Surrey, for the answers.

The Q and A event followed, with questions either sent via tweets or from cards given out to audience members. It may put your minds at rest to learn that Cox’s take on marmite is equivocal (he sometimes loves it and sometimes hates it), and that the Beatles beat the Stones hands down (“Definitely the Beatles,” said Cox with gusto).

For the full story on how the rest of the night went, including how Duran Duran inspired Cox to form a band, click here to visit the Get Surrey website.

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