Stargazing in Surrey – The Great Look Up

Arming myself with a pair of stocking-filler binoculars and a waterproof, I think I’m all set for The Great Look Up tomorrow night. More than 250 people so far are expected to turn up to the event in Guildford, run by the University of Surrey and the Guildford Astronomical Society, which invites amateur astronomers, experts and complete beginners to direct our gaze upwards at Surrey’s skies in search of heavenly bodies.
The event, a prelude to the British Science Festival, is commemorating the International Year of Astronomy, celebrating 400 years since Galileo first look up at the sky with a telescope.
With several telescopes available at the site, thankfully I don’t have to worry about having to make do with just my plastic binos all night, which at a paltry 4 x 30 will barely detect so much as a plane in the night sky. And with guest speakers, a barbecue and drinks to warm up the keen astronomers, it looks set to be a fun and lively event.

I’ll be posting a report of the event, together with snaps of whatever I can eek out of my lowly camera (come on, night settings, don’t let me down – I should really invest in a good tripod, but my sister’s head will have to do for now). If you’re interested in going to the event, register your interest at this link, and keep fingers crossed for the weather!

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