‘Spine-tingling’ Xbox technology

I’ve just read about a new interactive technology on the BBC news site which, from the looks of it, puts the Wii completely in the shade. It literally did make me go “wow”, it looks incredible. The technology, called Natal, was developed by Microsoft for the Xbox 360, and means you can play video games without using any controller.

It seems like today’s technology really is gaining ground on sci-fi. Well, as British game designer Peter Molyneux points out in the BBC video, “this is true technology that science fiction has not even written about.” Molyneux is the head of Lionhead Studios which designed a game shown below using Natal, and features a character called Milo who interacts with the player.
This new system registers your whole body’s movements, can recognise your emotions and scan items to absorb into its virtual reality. As you can see above, you can even swish your hands in the water and try and catch fish. Beautiful.
With this revolutionary technology, I wonder what other uses it could be put to. One possible idea (hardly original, I know, but anyhoo) could be to allow people who are normally housebound for whatever reason to explore places abroad or even just outside through this medium.
But as the old cliché revamped for the modern age goes, a video paints a million words, so I’ll pipe down and let you watch the vid – and let your awed inner geek come out.
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